TitleCommittees of Council
DescriptionMinutes, papers and correspondence mostly of the standing committees and sub committees of Council, 1810-current. Series includes some externally run committees which involve the Society's Officers and Executive Secretary. Comprises records of the:

Awards Committee, 1913-current; Accreditation Panel, previously Fellowship & Validation Sub-Committee on Continuing Education and Training, 1994-current; Research Funds Committee, later Sub-Committee for Research Funds, later Research Grants Panel, 1912-current; Alteration Committee, concerning alteration to the Society's apartments in Somerset House, Jul 1834; Appeal Committee, 1969-1983; Committees' attendance books, 1979-1999; Audit Panel, 2000-current; British Petrographic Nomenclature Committee, 1920-1921; Budget and Programme Committee, 2004-current; Corporate Affiliates Committee, 2001-current; Conservation Committee, later Geoconservation Committee, 1979-1998, 2013-current; Development & Fundraising Committee, 2008-2013; various Education Committees, 1965-current; Elections Committee, 2001-current; External Relations Committee, previously External Relations Board, previously External Affairs Committee, 1991-current; Finance Committee, 1947-current; Chartership Committee, previously Fellowship & Validation Committee; 1990-current; House Committee, 1828-1997; Investment Committee, previously Investment Panel, 1993-current; various Library Committees and working groups/reviews, 1919-current; Map Committee, 1839-1883; Management and Finance Committee, 1998-2011; Museum Committee Reports, 1848, 1891; Officers' Meetings, 1972-current; various Publications Committees, 1818-current; Promotions Committee, 1973-1995; Professional Committee, previously Professional Board, previously Membership Services Committee, 1995-current; Remuneration Committee, 2000-2012; Regional Groups Committees, 1991-current; Science Committee, 2001-current; Science & External Relations Committee, 2013-2015; Secretaries Meetings, 1980, 1996-2010; Specialist Groups Committee, 1964-2000, 2013 to present; Minutes and reports of Special Committees [ad hoc or working groups], 1810-2011; Sponsorship Committee, 1989-2000; Stratigraphy Commission, previously Stratigraphy Committee, 1971-2012; Vice Presidents Committees, 1981-2001; Web (working) Group, later Web Site Development Working Group, 1999-2005; William Smith Medal Committee, 1976-1996.
Administrative HistoryFrom the earliest years of the Society, small committees were formed with specific organisational remits. The Committee of Trustees, appointed at the end of 1807, was the first, its task was to draw up the rules for the regulation of the fledgling Society and instructions to the honorary members to accompany notice of their election. When the Council was established in June 1810, the various 'standing' (that is permanent) committees tasked with overseeing the management of the Society's apartments, maps, publications, etc were formally appointed by and therefore reported to this senior body. Additionally 'Special' committees were formed on an ad hoc basis to deal with a specific issue or project, such as the refurbishment of the Society's apartments or the appointment of new staff, which could not necessarily be dealt with in the day to day business of one of the standing committees.

As the Society grew in size and complication, the 'Special' committees were more likely to be established as permanent committees of their own, however they would report to the hierarchy of the specific major standing committee which had appointed it rather than to Council.

With various reorganisations over the years and adaptations to modern management requirements, the names and functions of the standing committees has been frequently subject to change, with committees merging or being replaced by others.
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ArchNoteDescription by Caroline Lam
CreatorNameGeological Society of London | 1807-
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