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Papers of William Buckland (1784-1856)

Buckland was extremely active in the Society, so there are many items relating to him scattered around the collections. The collected papers consists of manuscripts and illustrations relating to his published work, notably the lithographs of the skeletal remains of extinct animals found in cave deposits intended for the proposed second part of Reliquiae diluvianae, 1825-1829, letters from Roderick Impey Murchison, 1827-1841 and seven maps with geological colouring and notes, [1810-1840].
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Papers of Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873)

Two notebooks from Sedgwick's tour through the continent of Europe, June-September 1816; manuscripts of Sedgwick's papers on the geology of Britain, particularly north Wales, which were read and later published by the Society, 1843-1854.
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Papers of John MacCulloch (1773-1835)

Proofs and publications of John MacCulloch, 1811-[1837]; prints and and drawings by MacCulloch, including - the Channel Islands, 1811; granite tors of Cornwal and Devon, 1814; Glen Roy, 1817; Western Isles of Scotland, 1819; Conwy and Dunkeld, [1808]-1822; 'Illustrations of the Highlands of Scotland', [c.1820s]; and an album of sketches and prints, [1810-1832]; maps and sections by MacCulloch including- sections, elevation and plan of the strata of Heligoland, 1809; watercolours of fracturing of veins in limestone with sections, 1811.
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Papers of Etheldred Benett (1775-1845)

Examples of Benett's artwork mainly of fossil sponges, including two copies of the illustrated manuscript 'Sketches of fossil Alcyonia from the Green Sand Formation at Warminster Common and in the immediate vicinity of Wiltshire', 1816. Also two sections of Chicksgrove Quarry, 1816 and a watercolour painting of a meteorite that fell in County Limerick, [1825]
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