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TitleScrapbook of Sir Jethro Justinian Harris TEALL, volume 2
Extent1 volume
DescriptionScrapbook of documents, newspaper cuttings and photos collected by Sir Jethro Justinian Harris Teall and his wife Harrietn, 1883-1926. Mostly dating from towards the end of Teall's directorship of the Geological Survey and his subsequent retirement activities, including materials relating to Scott's second expedition, his son George Teall's wife's family, Teall's knighthood, and Lady Teall's gift of a portrait and her husband's scientific collection to the Sedgwick Museum after his death. There is also a great deal of material on his son Frederick's life in Egypt, particularly his participation in tennis tournaments.

Includes (listing provided by Dr Anthony Roe, prior to donation - added to by Victoria Woodcock):
(1) Award of Delesse Prize by Instituit de France, Academie des Sciences, December 1907.
(2) Copy of signed photograph of Teall
(3) 'Eminent Living Geologists', reprint from 'Geological Magazine', vol 6, (Jan 1909).
(4) Certificate with five signatures from Geologiska Foreningen, Stockholm as Corresponding 'Ledamot', May 1903.
(5) Announcement of Hon LLD, St Andrews.
(6) Hon LLD certificate with three signatures, February 1911.
(7) Hon membership of Belgian Soc Geology, Palaeontology, and Hydrology, February 1904.
(8) 250th Anniversary of the Royal Society - Mrs Teall's ticket to Service in Westminster Abbey and Guildhall Banquet menu, 16 July 1912.
(9) Invitation to Windsor Castle Garden Party, 18 July 1912; photograph, ticket to "Westminster Abbey Service.
(10*) Letter to Teall from Robert Falcon Scott accepting an invitation to dine with the Geological Society Club, 18 March [?1901], underneath which is an empty 'National Antarctic Expedition' stationery envelope, addressed to Mrs Teall from Hartley Travers Ferrar, the geologist on board the SS DISCOVERY, 25 March [?1902-1904] .
(10a*) Two cuttings of portraits of Lt-Com H E de P Rennick
(11*) Photograph of Robert Falcon Scott at sea, probably connected with the 'National Antarctic Expedition', [1901-1904].
(12*) Two cuttings/portrait photos of Lt-Com H E de P Rennick, invitation from Robert Falcon Scott to view 'Terra Nova' and photo of figure-head.
(13) Invitation to funeral of King Edward VII, 20 May 1910; HM Geological Survey banquet menu, 14 March 1912.
(14) Programme of Coronation of George V and Mary, 22 June 1911.
(14a*) Photo of Miss Elsie Burrell from Tatler, 24 Mar 1915
(14b*) Reproduction of watercolour by Elsie Burrell of Miss Irene Vanbrugh; cutting from a programme mentioning Miss Vanbrugh
(14c*) Reproduction of watercolour by Elsie Burrell of Gerald du Maurier
(14d*) Reproduction of watercolour by Elsie Burrell of Gladys Cooper; cutting mentioning exhibition of Elsie Burrell's paintings, 15 May 1913
(14e*) Reproductions of watercolours by Elsie Burrell of Marie Lohr and Mrs Gerald du Maurier
(14f*) Reproduction of watercolour by Elsie Burrell of Gladys Cooper; newspaper cuttings mentioning Elsie Burrell's second marriage to Sir Randolf Baker
(14g*) Newspaper cuttings mentioning Elsie Burrell, her painting, and her first marriage to Major Cuninghame
(14h*) Reproduction of watercolour by Elsie Burrell of a girl; newspaper cuttings relating to Elsie Burrell's first and second husbands
(15) Dinner menu of HM Geological Survey with several signatures, 31 March 1914; dinner menu of The Dulwich Club, 11 July 1914
(16) Article about Museum of Practical Geology, undated; newspaper cuttings relating to Teall's trip to Egypt to visit his son Frederick, 10 Jan 1914, 2 Dec 1913; newspaper photo of Teall, 11 Sep 1913; Cairo tram ticket
(16a) Newspaper article relating to an evening at the Cairo Savoy when Teall and family were present, 16 Dec 1913
(16b) Copy of Cairo gouvernorat daily orders, 26 Jul 1913
(16c) Newspaper cutting mentioning Teall's son (Frederick Teall) visiting the British Agency, 6 Dec 1913
(17) Letter to Teall from F M Roberts re. field glasses, 30 October 1914.
(18) Acknowledgement from Buckingham Palace of £30 for National Relief Fund, 3 September 1914.
(18a) Newspaper cuttings relating to George Roberts Cowen, Teall's father-in-law, 1880s
(18b) Cutting relating to George Roberts Cowen, October 1895
(18c) Newspaper cuttings relating to Byron, 22 Jun 1897; newspaper cutting relating to the death of a Nottingham alderman, 26 Dec 1894
(19) Notice of Knighthood, June 1916; letter of congratulations to Teall from Board of Education, 7 June 1916; newspaper cuttings relating to the knighthood
(20) Notices of investiture, 1916
(20a) Newspaper cuttings relating to Teall's son Frederick and his role in the Cairo police force, 1916-1917; photos of Frederick Teall playing tennis, Oct 1915
(21) Letter of appreciation from War Office for Teall's investigation of German concrete, signed George Mark Watson Macdonogh, Director of Military Intelligence, 6 November 1917.
(21a) Programme from the 164th Infantry Brigade Horse Show, 10-11 Jun 1916, involving Teall's son George Teall
(21b) Notice of birth of Teall's grandchild Cynthia, 5 Feb 1919; photos involving Teall's son Frederick, Dec 1918; invitation to Frederick Teall and wife from the sultan to attend a party at Ras el-Tin Palace, 30 Jul 1918
(21c) Cairo gouvernorat daily orders, 11 May 1918, including mention of Frederick Teall's promotion
(21d) Letter from CD Shute to the 32nd Division, 27 Apr 1918
(21e) Notice of birth of Teall's grandchild Valerie, 25 Jan 1921; address from George Smith, Master of Dulwich College, at the dedication of the memorial cross at the old college, 28 Sep 1919
(21f) Notice of the armistice, 11 Nov 1918, from Captain of the 32nd Division; photo of S M der Kaiser
(21g) Leaflet advertising victory loans, picked up in Teall's garden 10 Jul 1919
(21h) Newspaper cuttings relating to the Epsom tennis tournament, July 1921, where Frederick Teall came second in the doubles (with C Campbell)
(21i) Notice of Frederick Teall's award of commander in the Cairo police, 6 Dec 1920; newspaper cutting relating to Frederick Teall losing in the final of the doubles at the Epsom tennis tournament, 11 Jul 1921
(21j) Newspaper cutting relating to a tennis tournament between Cairo and Alexandria at the Bally Club, 26 Nov 1921, in which Frederick Teall played singles and doubles [incomplete - some of page missing]
(21k) Newspaper cuttings relating to a tennis tournament between the Gezira and Tewfikieh clubs (Frederick Teall playing for Gezira), Nov 1922; newspaper cutting relating to the Gezira open tournament, 18 Mar 1922; handwritten letter to Frederick Teall's wife inviting her to the Abdine [Abdeen] Palace to meet the sultana (sultan's wife), 13 Mar 1922 [in French]
(22) Acknowledgements to Lady Teall for specimens presented to Sedgwick Museum, 31 October 1924, and and for portrait of Teall, signed Prof Marr, 2 October 1925; Letter from Cambridge Vice-Chancellor to Lady Teall, November 1924; newspaper cuttings relating to Lady Teall's gifts to the Sedgwick Museum, Oct 1924
(23) Newspaper cuttings relating to a tennis tournament between Cairo and Alexandria at the Bally Club, Nov 1922; newspaper cutting relating to the new High Commissioner Sir George Lloyd, 22 Oct 1922; newspaper cutting relating to Frederick Teall being part of an audience with King Fuad, 17 Jan 1926; photo of a guard company
(24) Page of the Journal Officiel du Gouvernement Egyptien including notice of an award to Frederick Teall, 4 Jan 1926
(25) Double page spread of photos of Sir Randolf Baker and wife, 23 May 1923
ProvenancePresented by Teall's grandchildren, Mr Jock Teall and Mrs Cynthia Roe, 1994.
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LanguageMostly English, with some French and a little Swedish, Arabic and Latin
ArchNoteDescription by John Thackray, revised by Victoria Woodcock.
CreatorNameTEALL | Sir | Jethro Justinian Harris | 1849-1924 | geologist
DS/UK/128TEALL; Sir; Jethro Justinian Harris (1849-1924); geologist1849-1924
DS/UK/941SCOTT; Robert Falcon (1868-1912); naval officer and Antarctic explorer1868-1912
NA378Middle East
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